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Brain Doctor
Brain doctor on a red ladder examining the neurons of a human head trying to heal memory loss or damaged cells due to dementia and other neurological diseases as a mental health metaphor for medical research hope.

Established in November 2001, our office specializes in pediatric and adult neurologic care.  Neurologic problems can present suddenly and unexpectedly, as a stroke or a new seizure for example. Often the consequences require a long term commitment from patient and family and the provider which sets neurology apart from most other medical specialties.  Relationships develop  which transcend the limits imposed in the name of “efficiency.” Disorders of the brain encompass every aspect of one’s “personhood.” How can mere guidelines permit achieving the best outcomes? As is often the case, written out of most guidelines for the care of neurologic patients is time spent listening, and the willingness to forego technology if just for a little while and actually know the patient.



Dr. Carl Yacoub practiced briefly–ever so briefly–with a group whose concern for patients was not so much their main focus as was their bottom line. Immediately recognizing that this was not the way he would conduct his career and commitment for delivering compassionate medical care, he struck out on his own, defying the prevailing trends of group practice as a  specialist, and established Comprehensive Neurology.

And comprehensive it is!  As a board certified neurologist with special qualifications in child neurology, Dr. Yacoub might have elected to concentrate exclusively on adult or pediatric neurology, but his training, background and natural inclination to avoid limitations drove him to be one of the few neurologists nationwide who actually practices in both fields.

Dr. Yacoub’s extensive training and background included management of the emergency departments at Nemours, as well as the Veterans Administration.  In this capacity he was privileged to participate in the training of many young physicians and now he reflects back on the instances where medical practice was not just following recipes in a book, but involved assessing the needs of the whole person and delivering care with that exclusive human trait of compassion and care. A consideration he instilled and continues to do so in all who interact with him.  Something that all the trappings of technology seem to be nudging to the periphery.  Google and WebMD may have some answers; but without context and the human element, medical care is just a business in which success is measured by the bottom line rather than the benefits brought to people’s lives.

Dr. Yacoub is fellowship trained in neurodiagnostics, including EEG, EMG and Sleep Studies.  A benefit many patients have realized is having the same physician conduct the study, review the study, and administer care based on the study results in consultation with the patient directly.  No intermediaries diluting the relationship between physician and patient.

Whether chronic or acute, a neurologic concern instills dread in many people as it is immediately recognized as life altering.  Choose knowledge and experience in your provider.

But also choose compassion and devotion, qualities you will find in abundance at Comprehensive Neurology, P.A.