How We Handle Prescription Requests

There are TEN criteria that MUST be met before prescriptions are called in.  This is the case for controlled as well as non-controlled substances.  The requirements are stringent, and inviolable as they rest on the due diligence of the provider as well as the compliance of the patient.

  1. Is the request for a controlled substance, for example Adderall or narcotic pain medicine, arriving to us too soon in the thirty day cycle?
  2. Does the state’s drug monitoring program reveal multiple providers or multiple pharmacies?
  3. Has the patient been compliant with directions and scheduled visits?
  4. Is there evidence of abuse or misuse of prescribed medicines?
  5. Does drug screening disclose the presence of unprescribed or illegal substances?
  6. Is there an outstanding patient balance which has not been addressed?
  7. Is the prescribed medicine still a clinically viable option for the patient?
  8. Is the safety of the patient and household put at risk by the presence of the prescription in the residence?
  9. What is the potential for addiction?
  10.  Is the medicine, especially controlled substances, being diverted?

As the first rule of medicine is to “Do No Harm,” a delay or DENIAL of a prescription may make the difference between life and serious injury or even death.  Our office has determined that an inconvenience to a patient is a small price to pay to make sure that we are doing the right thing, and the medically appropriate thing.

Negative on line reviews notwithstanding, we will continue to abide by these criteria.  We expect our patients to expect nothing less from us.  And we respectfully expect our patients to abide by these criteria as well.