Alzheimer’s Association The prevalence of Alzheimer’s is rising and a cure is very much needed.  It may still be a long way off, but help is right here, right now.  The local Delaware Valley Chapter are an amazing group of people.  You can reach them direcly by calling 484-238-1290.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America This organization provides families with useful information and resources.  In addition there is guidance on managing the many details of caring for a family member with dementia.

The Autism Society provides a wealth of information for families and interested parties and does a great job dispelling misconceptions to better serve children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivty Disorder A nationally recognized resource for all matters related to Attention Deficit Disorder across the lifespan.

The Epilepsy Foundation An excellent advocacy organization for patients with seizure disorder and their families.  They are located in many communities, and I urge newly diagnosed patients, and their friends and families, to reach out to them.  I encourage health care providers and interested groups to learn about their many programs and to participate where you can with their community outreach programs.

GBS/CIDP An excellent resource for patients with this debilitating disorder of the peripheral nervous system.  The long term effects of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy do not need to be endured in silence.  There are many treatment options today.  This organization is at the forefront of research and advocacy for patients and their families.

The National Headache Foundation While there is much on the internet to keep one busy for quite a while researching the many treatments for headache and migraine, many commercial sites are only motivated obviously by what they can sell.  Look to The National Headache Foundation for more balanced information and helpful tools to track and better manage chronic headaches and migraines.

The National  MS Society As daunting as a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis may seem, it is a diagnosis which fortunately can be managed.  The National MS Society has many branches and offers wonderful support.

Parkinson’s Foundation An important organization  for families of patients with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders.  Informed families are better caretakers for their loved ones.

The American Stroke Association  Along with the American Heart Association, this organization (founded in 1924) has done much to improve the quality of life of many millions of people. Through their education programs and advocacy, and considerable research, we are further along to conquering stroke and cardiac contributors to stroke than would have been imagined even ten years ago.

Tourette Association of America It is easy to feel “alone,” and some conditions do a good job of making someone think thay are the only one facing a dilemma.  Tourette can be like that.  But you are not alone!